Next version of Microsoft SQL Server to feature in-memory tech


The next version of Microsoft's SQL Server will come with in-memory technology, says Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) , just months after the launch of SQL Server 2012. Codenamed "Hekaton," the technology is currently being tested with a number of the company's customers. Software from competitors such as Oracle's (NASDAQ: ORCL) Exadata and SAP's HANA already come with in-memory support.

As its name suggests, in-memory technology allows database tables to be held within system memory. This allows a server to execute database transactions much faster by circumventing the latency of a traditional hard disk drive. Indeed, the technique is even faster than the access time for solid-state drives--and does not run the risk of wearing out the finite number of write lifespans.

"You will be able to take advantage of the hardware you already have and accelerate it by adding more memory," says Doug Leland, the general manager in charge of SQL Server marketing.

As reported by Computerworld, the database software will come with a tool allowing databases or individual tables to be designated for execution in memory. This means that existing applications can benefit from it without needing to be rewritten, though profiling tools will probably be needed in order properly identify bottlenecks that will benefit from in-memory operation.

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