New Google Chrome beta adds support for multiple user accounts


The Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) Chrome team last week unveiled a new beta of the Chrome web browser that further enhances the software's already impressive software synchronization capability with support for multiple user accounts. Multi-user sync support means that users can now access their personalized Chrome across all their computers by simply logging in. A badge on the upper left corner makes it easy to identify the currently loaded account and easily switch between them from a drop-down list.

Signing in to Chrome on a friend's laptop, for example, will load all your bookmarks, extensions and personalized settings. This also offers the intriguing possibility of creating multiple profiles with a different list of Chrome extensions enabled to cater to various activities such as web development, Internet banking, and general surfing.

In a blog entry, Google Chrome engineer Miranda Callahan illustrated how this arrangement works well for shared workstations at home: "You may not want your bookmarks and settings mixing with your brother's or your roommate's bookmarks and settings, and you wouldn't want their Chrome stuff syncing to your other devices." Callahan cautioned however that this feature wasn't intended to help secure data against other people with access to the computer, recommending the use of built-in user accounts in the operating system for that.

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