New app lets administrators manage AWS on-the-go


Amazon has released an Android app for managing various aspects of the Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) Web Service service. Known as the "Amazon Web Services Management Console for Android," it provides a summary of important information such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud  instances, CloudWatch alarms, service charges and the AWS Service Health status.

Management capabilities include the ability to stop and reboot EC2 instances, and the ability to view CloudWatch graphs to gauge the health of resources and identify trends. In addition, the AWS Management Console also offers the ability to switch between users, in order to see the resources in multiple accounts.

The app does not yet have more advanced capabilities that may render firing up a PC unnecessary should problems pop up. Administrators are not currently able to fire up additional instances to handle traffic spikes from within the app, for example. However, the team says it plans to aggressively add new features and asked that users offer their feedback using the feedback link within the app.

Not surprisingly, Amazon cautioned administrators--who have enabled multi-factor authentication--to configure the dynamic passcode to be received on a separate mobile device for the "greatest level" of protection. An alternative would be to use a hardware MFA device.

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