More than 1,000 Windows 8 PC systems in the pipeline, says Microsoft


Microsoft has certified more than 1,000 unique Windows 8 systems, according to an article in eWeek. The news came from Microsoft's (NASDAQ: MSFT) Chief Financial Officer Peter Klein, who provided the number during a conference call last week to discuss the company's financial results for its fiscal quarter ending Sept 30.

Earlier this month, we reported that Intel's delay of Clover Trail software could stall some Windows 8 tablet deployments. There is no way yet to know if this has been resolved, though having a thousand unique Windows 8 systems available does sound like a very robust figure--even if some models may only be sold in select regions.

Klein is certainly optimistic about the prospects of Windows 8. He said, "When I talk to CIOs, for example, and the enterprises, one of the things they are really excited about is that Windows 8 devices give them a chance for their employees to have the devices they want and bring to work."

So, what's the reason for this excitement? Manageability, security and integration with existing business apps were all cited.

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