Microsoft Surface Pro tablets currently 'sold out'


As reported earlier, the Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) Surface Pro tablet was released for sale over the weekend. Unfortunately, the launch was marred by complaints of users not being able to get a hold of the 128GB version of the device, as well as accusations that Microsoft deliberately released fewer Surface Pros in order to make a claim of the device being "sold out."

Prominent Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley gave an overview of the situation, courtesy of feedback from a few readers who made their way to local shops on Saturday morning.

According to Foley, some shops had "just one 128 GB Surface Pro and some stores still have 64 GB Surface Pros on hand as of February 10."

The devices were not available for pre-order before Saturday, and the Microsoft Store, Best Buy and Staples websites currently list them as "sold out."

Of course, not everyone thinks it plausible that Microsoft would lose sales by deliberately withholding stocks, but even so, many customers are still upset at the delay.

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