Microsoft Surface comes with far less memory than advertised


Getting a Microsoft Surface tablet for the holidays? Well, don't be surprised if you see substantially less available storage capacity than you expected. According to a new Surface disk space FAQ from Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), the reason is primarily due to 5GB being reserved for Windows recovery tools, and another 8GB used up by Windows RT, Office and a number of built-in apps.

After factoring in the typical loss due to the different way hard disk manufacturers and the operating system measure data storage, users are left with only 16GB of free space on a 32GB model and 46GB on the pricier 64GB model.

As a comparison, PCWorld pointed out that the 32GB iPad tablet has about 28GB of free storage, while the 16GB Nexus 7 comes with just over 13GB. Of course, Surface users can install a MicroSD storage card of up to 64GB of capacity, as well as using a USB flash drive to store documents and large files--both of which are fairly cheap these days. However, they wouldn't accommodate apps by default.

On one level, it is amazing that Microsoft has successfully condensed Windows RT to just 8GB including Office and Apps, though some may complain about the misleading advertisement. To Microsoft's credit, publishing a FAQ to clarify matters is certainly laudable. Ultimately, I think PCWorld sums it up best when it says: "Be angry at Microsoft if you want, but the reality is that every company gets away with over-advertising storage to some degree."

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