Microsoft resorts to popup to get Windows XP users to upgrade


Microsoft will stop shipping security updates for Windows XP come April 8, 2014. This cessation comes after an incredible run of 12 years and five months, and is substantially longer than many desktop operating systems such as Apple's OS X. The date is significant as the stopping of all security updates is widely understood to mean that Windows XP machines will no longer be safe to use on a public network such as the Internet.

In a bid to get the remaining users off Windows XP, Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) says that it will be sending a popup notification for who have opted to receive updates via Windows Update. It will include a link to the Windows XP End of Support website, which informs Windows XP users about the impending April 8th deadline, and offers tips on how they might upgrade.

As noted by PC World though, the problem is that one of the most frequently repeated adages to computer users would be to avoid clicking on suspicious popups. As such, the appearance of the popups is likely to prompt panicky calls from relatives and parents. Still, the notification would be a good way to identify machines that may still be running on Windows XP. According to Microsoft, the notification will recur on the eighth of every month unless disabled by the user.

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