Microsoft Research unveils 'FlashStore' to power faster servers, cloud services


A Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) Research team has been hard at work on "FlashStor," a technology that the researchers say was created to improve the efficiency of flash-based solid-state storage. In essence, FlashStor acts as a "bridge" that sits between the system RAM and hard disk drive, and is designed to maximize the high speed access of flash memory by using it as a key-value store. Microsoft envisages that FlashStor will eventually find its way into use in a range of computing applications such as server farms or cloud applications.

When tested, FlashStor was found to speed up data-intensive server applications such as its online game system for Xbox LIVE players, performing five times as fast even when pitted against a top-of-the-line commercial flash-based drive. Indeed, the system was performing operations 60 times faster when pitted against a standard RAM with hard disk drive configuration. And as reported by Network World, the technology also "performs 60 times faster than Oracle's (NASDAQ: ORCL) open-source Berkeley DB systems in lab tests." You read more about it at Microsoft Research.

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