Microsoft Hyper-V: look out, VMWare


If a new technology starts turning heads in the enterprise space, chances are high that Microsoft will find a way to cash in. So few of us were surprised to hear that Microsoft was developing a virtualization solution, Hyper-V, to be included with Windows Server 2008 (which is slated to ship later this year). But could Hyper-V ever measure up to solutions from entrenched players like VMWare? According to ZDnet's self-described "virtualization junkie" Jason Perlow, VMWare had better watch out. While not without its share of shortcomings, Hyper-V will come packaged in with Windows Server 2008, leading Perlow to declare that "on a pure bang per buck and ease of use basis, it beats ESX and dare I say it - the Xen solutions built into Linux distros - hands down."

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