Kindle Fire owners complain of Wi-Fi bug


Some owners of the Kindle Fire tablet have complained of not being able to connect to their Wi-Fi networks, while others who were able to connect say they had trouble accessing the Internet. The specific problem does not appear to have been publicly identified by Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), though a customer who talked to Amazon's customer support claimed that he was told it was a known issue. It looks like the issue reared its head soon after the release, based on this TechCrunch post.

Installing the latest software update (Version 6.2 at the moment) for the Kindle Fire seems to have resolved the problem for many. Note that none of the two updates so far makes any mention of problems with Wi-Fi, though anecdotal reports on Amazon's support forums suggest that the updates have worked for some users.

Without an official response from Amazon, Brennon Slattery of PCWorld went ahead and wrote a quick guide outlining six possible fixes for Kindle Fire owners who encounter this problem. Solutions range from updating and then performing a factory reset to tinkering with one's wireless router, though I'm not sure how useful they will be. You can read about them here.

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