Intel's Light Peak technology to debut using copper


Intel's (NASDAQ: INTC) Light Peak interface technology will debut using copper for the transmission of data, not fiber optics. The use of this more conventional technology is dictated by practical realities, though it is understood that the anticipated starting speed of 10Gbps (full duplex) will not be affected by the switch to copper as a medium. The word comes from industry sources said to be familiar with Intel's plans on this front, and reported by CNET News.

As I noted in an earlier report on TechWatch, what makes Light Peak truly exciting is its potential to scale even faster than 10Gbps; Intel Labs have created prototypes of up to 50 Gbps, and the technology exists to move it beyond 100 Gbps over the next decade. In a nutshell, Light Peak looks like it is a USB 3.0 killer--several times over. The technology is backed by Sony and Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), and rumors abound that Apple could premier the technology as early as next year.

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