Intel will release its hardware-based security technology 'by this year'


Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) is working on technology that the world's largest chipmaker says will defend against novel and zero-day attacks at the hardware level. Calling it a 'game changer,' the technology will be ready to be released by this year, according Justin Rattner, Intel's chief technology officer.

Without specifying details, Rattner did say that it will not be signature-based like most conventional antivirus software in use today; what Intel has created will instead rely on "radically different" technology. Rattner told Computerworld that "We've found a new approach that stops the most virulent attacks. It will stop zero-day scenarios. Even if we've never seen it, we can stop it dead in its tracks."

Intel recently bought McAfee, the second-largest maker of security software in the world. The deal is Intel's largest acquisition to date, and has just won regulatory approval from the European Union. Although the acquisition corresponds with Intel's new focus on security, Rattner said Intel researchers were working on security technology prior to its purchase of McAfee.

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