Intel unveils 'Ultrabook' that melds best of laptops, tablets


Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) has unveiled the blueprint for a new class of thin laptops that combines the performance of a typical laptop with "tablet-like" features. According to CNET News, the thickness cutoff for an Ultrabook is suggested at just 20 millimeters, about 0.8 inches. The devices should also come with the instant-resume feature, much like existing tablet devices on the market. Intel expects a price point of under $1,000. 

Already, the Asus UX21 Ultrabook, which debuted at Computex this week, exceeds the standard, measuring 17mm at its thickest point. Intel has high hopes that the sales of the Ultrabook will take off. Tom Kilroy, a senior vice president at Intel, was quoted as saying: "As volume ramps, say by the end of 2012, we think as much as 40 percent of the volume will be in this ultra category." 

Rather than attempting to revive its CULV (or consumer ultra-low voltage) range of ultra-thin laptops that never took off, Intel is targeting always-on, connected devices with superior responsiveness this time around.

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