Intel ships new, small 313 Series solid-state drives


Intel has started shipping a new series of small solid-state drives that are designed for use alongside traditional hard-disk drives as opposed to replacing them. Available in 20GB to 24GB capacity, the Intel 313 Series utilizes more expensive single-level cell NAND that offers 10 times more endurance than cheaper multi-level cell SSDs. MLC-based SSDs are widely used in high-capacity SSDs designed for consumers at the moment.

The new 313 Series SSDs are designed to complement HDDs by reducing boot times and speeding up the loading of software applications. When entering hibernation mode, the ability to store (and load) such data from SSD instead of the HDD can result in a substantial improvement in performance, while the use of SLC NAND ensures reliability over the long term.

When used in conjunction with Intel's (NASDAQ: INTC) Smart Response technology, frequently used programs can also be moved to the SSD for quicker loading. Moreover, battery life is also expected to see an improvement as HDD can be kept powered down more often.

According to performance statistics provided by Intel, the 20GB version of the 313 Series can achieve up to 220MB/s and 100MB/s in read/write performance, while the 24GB version can reach 160MB/s and 115MB/s respectively. The new 313 Series replaces the older 311 models, which offered slightly lower speeds of 190MB/s for read and 100MB/s for write with the 20GB version.

The SSD Review says that the 20GB 313 Series SSD costs $109 while the 24GB 313 Series SSD costs $139.

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