Intel launches Atom S1200 for data centers


Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) has introduced the first line of Atom processors that it says is purpose-built for the data center. With two cores and two threads per core, the Atom S1200 also incorporates Intel's virtualization technology and offers support for ECC, or error code correction memory.

According to PC Magazine, representatives from HP (NYSE: HPQ), Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) and Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) say the S1200 series offers the appealing prospect of power saving by moving low-intensity workloads, such as web hosting, to high-density Atom-based microserver racks.

Diane Bryant, vice president and general manager of Intel's Data Center and Connected Systems Group, was reported as saying that Intel was responsible for launching the microserver product category in 2009.

The Atom S1200 will not just be used in microservers either. According to Bryant, the platform is also being used for communication infrastructure such as basic switching equipment and storage systems.

As expected, AMD has accused Intel of trying to "rewrite history," noting that Intel was not keen on the use of Atom processors for the servers SeaMicro built. "AMD and its SeaMicro technology are leading the charge in microserver technology and development," asserted the company in a prepared statement. "It's understandable that Intel is threatened, but we would like to make sure that everyone has the facts straight."

AMD also drew attention to recently announced plans in October to license the ARM architecture for server chips, noting that it intends to produce microservers using the new processors. "We recently announced a technology partnership with ARM and plan to roll out microservers using ARM technology.

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