IDC Survey: Few using tablets to replace laptop


Only 8.7 percent of tablet buyers are looking to use their new BYOD gadget as a replacement for their laptop. This was the result of a survey by IDC, which also found that a majority 58.5 percent indicated that they buy a tablet as an addition to an existing laptop. The online survey was conducted in April--though it involved a relatively small sample of just 299 US consumers aged 18 or older.

"A huge percentage of people still see a lot of value in a laptop for one kind of app or service they use on it," says IDC analyst Tom Mainelli in an interview with Computerworld. "Would they want to do their taxes on a tablet? They haven't quite made the leap to being comfortable with a mobile device like a tablet." However, Mainelli does acknowledge that the younger generation might have "different sentiments" about phones and tablets.

IDC has earlier predicted that 190 million tablets will be shipped to retailers this year. This is a large number, and has typically been blamed for the decline in PC shipments. However, the conventional wisdom of tablets cannibalizing laptop sales appears at odds with the findings of the IDC's survey--at the workplace at least. Personally, I'm sticking to my laptop for my writing.

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