IDC: Increased storage efficiency resulting in slower growth


Enterprises are on track to buy 138 exabytes of storage capacity in 2017, according to IDC, which predicted a growth of more than 30 percent every year from 2013 to 2017.

This works out to be 102 exabytes of external storage and 36 exabytes of internal storage, a significant increase from 20 exabytes of external capacity and 8 exabytes of internal capacity in 2012, reports PC World. Internal storage is located within servers, while external storage is located outside of servers.

Though the numbers look impressive, IDC says the growth is slower than in previous years, due to more efficient methods of handling data. These range from technologies such as data deduplication and compression for data storage, while thin provisioning and storage virtualization  allow for greater utilization and a reduction in over-provisioning of storage capacity.

Also, businesses leveraging the cloud for their data storage needs will fall outside of IDC's prediction. This is because cloud storage providers typically build their own storage systems, and purchase their storage drives directly from hard disk drive makers.

According to IDC, faster economic growth means that regions such as Central Europe, the Middle East and Africa will surpass Japan's storage spending in 2014. By 2015, the storage needs of the Asia-Pacific region will surpass those of Western Europe.

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