HP working on x86 Windows 8 tablet 'thinner than the iPad'


Hewlett-Packard is putting together an x86-based Windows 8 tablet, says Neowin. Citing a "trusted source" familiar with the company's plans, the report noted that the tablet will sport a 10.1-inch screen and will be thinner than the iPad.

This isn't very surprising given the arrival of Android tablets that are just as thin--though the quoted battery life of eight to 10 hours points towards the presence of an Intel Clover Trail Atom processor, which the chip maker has promised will be available later this year.

According to a slide that was posted online, the purported "HP Slate 8" will be decidedly business-centric and run Windows 8 Professional. As we outlined in an earlier report, Windows 8 Professional incorporates BitLocker encryption and virtualization capability. Other enterprise-friendly features include built-in TPM security, the option of multitouch or digital pen input and "enterprise level docking." There are no price indications at this point, and HP (NYSE: HPQ) has declined to comment.

For now, Windows 8 appears to be on track for an October release, with the Release Preview expected to arrive in the first week of June as announced by Windows unit President Steven Sinofsky.

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