How to protect your data from the NSA


In the wake of the revelation of widespread NSA spying, implementing proper information security has suddenly become a much more significant issue. This is true even for businesses that are completely on-the-level, and don't mind the NSA getting the lowdown of their business dealings.

With this in mind, The Register wrote a detailed guide on how it's possible to safely transfer electronic communications between two parties. I outlined the key steps of the article below.

  • Implement private-public key encryption for your data
  • Make use of AES-256 encryption for security
  • Use 'clean' physical machines for data transmissions
  • Host the data transfer apps within a virtual environment for added security
  • Set up a hidden service routed through Tor

The Fierce Take: While it is unlikely that an enterprise will go to such lengths in the name of security, the guide makes for an interesting read, and also serves as a somber reminder of how vulnerable data communications can be.

For more:
- check out this article at The Register

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