HGST ships highest capacity 10K RPM hard drive


Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, a subsidiary of Western Digital, this week unveiled the Ultrastar C10K1200, an enterprise-class 1.2TB SAS hard disk drive designed for servers.

The 2.5-inch drive spins at 10,000 RPM, and sports a speedy 6Gbps SAS interface with 64MB of cache buffer under the hood. Hitachi says the high capacity offered by the C10K1200 makes it possible to pack a 2U, 24-bay rackmount server with a 28.8TB storage capacity.

The official press release highlighted various technologies geared towards deployment in server environments found inside the C10K1200. Hitachi says: "Fluid Dynamic Bearing motors deliver a low acoustic rating and improved data integrity, while Rotational Vibration Safeguard technology anticipates and counteracts disturbances that can occur in multi-drive configurations."

In addition, a patented head load and unload ramp also serves to "minimize integration induced drive damage."

The C10K1200 has a quoted Mean Time Between Failure of one million hours, and is positioned as the ultimate solution for intense, 24x7 usage--such as data mining, data analysis and data-intensive content delivery--like streaming video.

According to Maximum PC, the drive comes with 40 recording zones, 8 physical data heads and 4 platters. The drive has a typical seek time of 4.6ms, uses 6.7W during operation and 3.7W during the idle mode. The C10K1200 is currently being shipped, though there is no word yet on pricing.

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