Government, military and education sites put up for sale by hacker


A hacker has put a number of websites belonging to the government, military and education institutions up for sale in Internet forums. The discovery was made by Noa Bar-Yosef, a senior security strategist from security vendor Imperva. Bar-Yosef wrote about it on the company's blog last Friday, noting that prices range from between $33 to $499. In addition, personally identifiable information obtained from the infiltrated sites was also put on sale for about $20 per thousand records.

While Imperva redacted the details from the screenshots that were posted as evidence, security blogger Brian Krebs posted additional information that shows the websites belonging to the states of Utah and Michigan as being available for sale, including the site belonging to the U.S. Army's Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM), which is the army's cyberwarfare unit.

The heart of the matter is how improperly maintained or patched web servers can be vulnerable to exploits, regardless of the size (or stature) of their owner organization. I did a quick check, and CECOM's website was down as now with a message that it is "Temporary Unavailable." I suppose the hacker won't be making any more money by selling the admin control for it now.

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