Google's Chrome 24 offers better offline support, faster JavaScript


Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) released the stable version of Chrome 24 late last week, with just a number of minor changes but big improvements in speed. According to Google, its own Octane JavaScript pegs Chrome 24 as the fastest Chrome release yet.

The new version adds capabilities such as better offline support in the form of IndexedDB and mathematics formulas formatted with MathML. As usual, Chrome 24 also incorporates a long list of security fixes, which you can read more about here.

One feature built into Chrome 24, but disabled by default, would be support for CSS custom filters. The technology makes some graphical elements programmable and was developed by Adobe (NASDAQ: ADBE)--in its bid to incorporate some features found in the Flash Player software into Web standards, according to CNET.

Separately, the latest version of Chrome beta was also released on Monday, which incorporates a new Web Speech API or Application Programming Interface. This JavaScript-based API allows developers to incorporate speech recognition directly into their web apps.

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