Google releases Chromecast SDK for iOS, Windows, Mac


Google this week finally delivered a public SDK, or Software Development Kit, for the Chromecast. This means that external developers who are so inclined can now incorporate the ability to stream directly to the Chromecast into their apps running on smartphones such as Android and iOS, or even Windows and the OS X platform.

A list of user experience guidelines detailing what developers must do to gain the "Google Cast Ready" branding was also released by Google (NASDAQ: GOOG). As reported by Ars Technica, one of the criterion is that the mobile app must include a Cast button at the top end of its user interface. "And that button should always be visible in a consistent location no matter what the user is doing."

Unveiled in July last year, the Google Chromecast is an HDMI dongle that functions in a similar fashion to the Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) TV. Unlike the substantially more expensive Apple TV however, the Chromecast costs just $35 and plugs directly into an available HDMI port. Powered via USB, it connects wirelessly to an existing Wi-Fi network and serves as a node for apps that support it.

The Chromecast only worked with a handful of apps such as YouTube, Netflix, Google Play Music and Google Play Video when it was released, though support has been growing steadily. The availability of a public SDK can only serve to greatly increase the popularity of this highly flexible device. For now, developers who are interested in developing for the Chromecast can get started by visiting the Google Cast Developers site here.

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