Google releases Chrome 9; comes with Google Instant, WebGL


Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) has announced the availability of Chrome 9, the latest stable release of the company's web browser. Beyond the usual performance improvements, Chrome 9 resolves a number of security issues that range from a "minor" leak in the Stat() function of its sandbox mechanism as well as a critical bug due to a race condition in its audio handling.

In addition, Chrome now comes with Chrome Instant and WebGL with support for hardware-accelerated rendering. As its name implies, Chrome Instant is the browser version of Google Instant, and uses an autocomplete mechanism to load suggestions as the query is typed into the location bar. WebGL is a standard created to help developers render 3D animation with the new HTML5 Canvas element, and built-in support for it feature means that no plug-in is required. To illustrate its WebGL prowess, Google put together a website hosting various demos as a showcase.

Existing users should find that their Chrome browser automatically updated, while new users can download Chrome here.

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