Google releases Chrome 6 on second anniversary of browser


Google (NADSAQ: GOOG) released version 6 of its popular Chrome web browser on Tuesday--even though Chrome was released just two years ago. At that time, few probably would have expected that Chrome would eventually capture some 80 million users in this highly competitive niche, in such a short amount of time. This amounts to 7.5 percent of the market share around the globe, a not insignificant feat.

Beyond speedier performance, the new version of Chrome combines the previous two menus into just one menu, simplifying the interface even further. Ars Technica inquired about the future direction that Google has for Chrome, and was told that performance remains the top priority for the team. As expected, Google cites upcoming developments such as hardware accelerated performance, as well as the significant improvements to JavaScript in Chrome 6.

In addition, the Chrome team has a vision of seamless synchronization, creating what amounts to "stateless" browsing in which users can log onto any instance of Chrome and pick up where they left off--with access to settings, bookmarks, history and even add-ons.

So is there anything else that users can expect from Chrome in the future? According to Brian Rakowski, a Google product manager, the upcoming Chrome Web Store will make it easier to "find and use great applications on the web." Though there is no official word on it, current reports are that the Chrome Web Store will debut in October. In the meantime, new users can download Chrome 6 here, though existing users can expect the update to take place automatically. 

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