Google jumps into cloud storage fray


Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) has evidently decided to jump into the cloud storage fray and compete with Amazon S3. Officially unveiled a day after Amazon launched its cheaper "reduced redundancy storage" option, Google Storage for Developers offers scalable cloud-based storage accessible using a REST (Representational Stage Transfer) API. In fact, at least one rumor has it that Amazon launched its new option the same evening after word of Google's announcement leaked on Tuesday.

At the moment, Google's storage service is only available as a preview to a "limited number" of developers. And is also priced higher than Amazon's standard S3 offering too, at 17 cents per gigabyte of storage per month, with uploads at 10 cents per gigabyte and downloads between 15-30 cents per gigabyte.

As an incentive, Google is offering 100GB of storage and 300GB of bandwidth per month at no charge, which definitely makes it a compelling choice for developers to try it out.

While it will obviously take a while before Google can achieve the maturity of the widely-used Amazon S3, the developer preview is a clear sign that the search giant is casting its eyes on the online storage market. With its clout in cloud computing and experience in running large number of datacenters, Google is one competitor that Amazon cannot afford to take lightly.

U.S. developers who are interested in Google Storage for Developers can sign up to join the waiting list here.

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