Google Chrome now supports background apps


Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) announced support for a background feature that is clearly designed to bring web applications one step nearer to that of a full-fledged desktop experience. Essentially, developers will be able to tap into a new background windows mechanism to perform preloading of data or continue server-side searches, which can continue to run even if all browser windows are closed. In addition, starting Chrome will re-launch these background windows, which can be used to in conjunction with HTML5 notifications to initiate a plethora of new capabilities such as an on-screen alert or pop open a chat window.

In order to protect users against malicious sites however, Google says that the functionality will only be available to apps and extensions, not regular websites. In addition, developers are required to make it plain if their extensions utilize this capability. Users can check for background apps (and extensions) that are currently running using the "Background Apps" menu of the Chrome icon in the system tray for Windows/Linux, or through the dock on Mac systems. According to the Chromium blog, "The Chrome icon will remain in the system tray or dock as long as background apps are running." To close all background components, a user just needs to exit Chrome from the System tray.

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