Google Chrome 5 beta: Twice as fast as IE9 PP on SunSpider


Version 5.0.342.8 of the Google Chrome browser has been released as a beta to its developer channel last week, which puts it one step closer to becoming a mainstream release. Among other improvements and bug fixes, the beta of Chrome 5 has features such as a new tabbed bookmark manager, automatic translation that can be disabled and improved AutoFill features. In addition, the new browser will also come with a geolocation API and support for extensions to detect whether the browser is in incognito mode.

The real improvements though, apparently come under the hood, according to tech site Conceivably Tech. Based on tests it did, the site concluded that a lot of work has been done under the hood of Chrome 5 beta. The report noted that the browser "is not only substantially faster than Chrome 4, but also about twice as fast as the current Microsoft IE9 PP." This pertains to performance on the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark.

In the Google V8 Benchmark Suite, Google Chrome 5 beta came up ahead with 4456 points while Chrome 4 and IE9 PP scored 3804 and 654 respectively. Indeed, the report noted that Chrome 5 is the first browser to break the 400ms barrier in the SunSpider JavaScript test with a score of 387.8ms to complete. IE9 PP clocked in at 783.6ms on this benchmark. You can access the tests results for the other mainstream browsers here.

If it interests you, the beta version of Google Chrome 5 for Windows can be downloaded from this page here; though the usual caveats about this being a beta apply. Based on what we've seen so far though, the next generation of web browsers look set to be faster, much faster.

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