GoDaddy backpedals on SOPA support as users vote with their feet


Faced with a spike in outgoing domain name transfers, GoDaddy has released another press statement making clear that its prior support for the Stop Online Piracy Act has changed to outright opposition. For those who missed the news over the Christmas holidays, a GoDaddy boycott was first initiated on reddit on Dec. 21 over the company's support of SOPA. GoDaddy CEO Warren Adelman reacted with a statement that the company is no longer in support of SOPA.

The company's neutral stance on SOPA was deemed insufficient however, and opponents of SOPA went ahead with Move Your Domain Day, which was envisioned as a way for customers to publicly boycott the company by transferring their domain names out of GoDaddy. Move Your Domain Day was orchestrated by rival domain name company Namecheap, which has since announced that it will donate $2 per transfer to the Electronic Frontier Foundation for the 27,000 transfers to the company.

The new statement by GoDaddy admitted that it has experienced an increase in customers transferring their domains out, and stated the company now opposes the bill. It reads: "Go Daddy opposes SOPA because the legislation has not fulfilled its basic requirement to build a consensus among stake-holders in the technology and Internet communities. Our company regrets the loss of any of our customers, who remain our highest priority, and we hope to repair those relationships and win back their business over time."

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