Fusion-io releases SDK library for native flash memory access


At the DEMO Spring 2012 conference this week, Fusion-io launched its ioMemory SDK library, a software development kit that for the first time gives developers direct programmatic access to the company's flash-based ioMemory Application Accelerators. The SDK includes APIs to reduce latency and increase memory efficiency; the directFS API provides access to ioMemory through a POSIX-compliant file system. This means that existing POSIX-compliant applications can be easily modified to incorporate the SDK.

According to StorageReview, "directFS is implemented directly on ioMemory, significantly reducing latency by entirely bypassing operating system buffer caches, file system and kernel block I/O layers." According to The Register, Fusion-io's CEO and chairman, David Flynn, compared the performance boost afforded by the ioMemory SDK library to that of application software transitioning from tapes to disk drives.

Though Fusion-io's largest customers have already benefited from customized application acceleration, the new SDK could open entirely new markets in the enterprise, even for mid-sized businesses looking to speed up storage-intensive applications.

This move effectively leaves competing vendors of PCIe-connected flash storage devices in the dust, as traditional flash-based storage hardware still has to contend with latency-inducing operating system layers such as the I/O subsystem. They will probably be forced to release something similar in order to compete.

For now, Fusion-io libraries and APIs are now available via the Fusion-io Developer Partner Program.

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