Employees disregarding security policies to engage in cloud use


Employees are turning to the cloud to get work done, regardless of what their company's IT policy has to say about it. This was the conclusion of a study sponsored by cloud backup provider Symform, which surveyed nearly 500 companies across a wide range of industries.

According to a copy of the press release that was sent to FierceCIO:TechWatch, it was found that nearly 20 percent of businesses have no clear security policies or standards when it comes to the use of the cloud, though the majority allow employees to use cloud services.

In addition, there appears to be a disparity in terms of cloud usage that employees will admit to and what IT departments say is happening.

This is most evident when it comes to cloud-based storage or apps that back up data to the cloud. As noted by CIO, 39 percent of employees admit to going rogue on this front, while IT says that it is actually 81 percent.

Regardless, cloud backup is gaining credibility as a safe place to store data.

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