Displays, Notebooks rumored for MacWorld


Ah, we're inching ever closer to MacWorld, can you feel it? The frequency and intensity of Apple rumors is definitely increasing, a sure fire sign that the yearly conference is nearly upon us. First thing's first: Apple pulled all signs of their Cinema Displays from their website today, with only one link to the product pages under "Accessories" remaining. Could it be that the company is gearing up to finally replace those three year old displays, which were first announced at WWDC 2004? ZDnet seems to think that "Apple's new Cinema Displays will most likely feature LED backlighting, an HDMI port, a built-in iSight camera and a new industrial design." I would tend to agree and new displays would certainly pair well with those new MacPros, another long overdue refresh. If that's not crazy enough for you, however, feel free to rekindle that multitouch display rumor that never quite panned out.

In other Apple rumor news, some unfamiliar "metallic grey MacBooks" have been spotted on the company's Cupertino campus recently. According to AppleInsider's sources, "a 'dark grey' or 'gunmetal' colored notebook of slender proportions" has been making the rounds recently. Ultraportable MacBook Pro or aluminum MacBook Thin? Pick your poision, folks.

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