Citigroup consolidates 70 data centers


Wall Street & Technology had a feature this week detailing how Citigroup has managed to consolidate its global data center footprint with considerable success. After performing a review of its 70 data centers, Citi decided to close a large number of the older facilities, even as it built eight brand new data centers, to achieve greater efficiency.

The end-result of this transformative move saw just 20 data centers to serve its needs. The organization says it could be further cut down to just 10, if not for the need to comply with local regulations regarding satellite centers.

According to Jagdish Rao, head of enterprise operations and technology at Citigroup, the changes meant that the whole data center infrastructure costs have "come down drastically," so much so that the consolidation program was essentially self-funded through operational savings.

One thing that Citi did was to virtualize all its servers--consisting of 40,000 machines--which allowed it to more efficiently utilize its hardware. The virtualized server network runs at up to 40 to 50 percent of its capacity now, up from just 5 to 10 percent a few years ago. To cope, transaction processing loads are moved across the globe when needed.

Other benefits of the move included increasing storage utilization from 10 percent to 60 percent.

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