Cisco rolls out low-latency Ethernet networking switches


Cisco Systems and Arista Networks are rolling out low-latency networking switches geared towards niche applications such as in high-frequency financial trading. The new capabilities were unveiled with the launch of the Nexus 3548 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch earlier this week as the first to incorporate some of these features.

As reported by eWeek, Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) introduced a new Algorithm Boost ASIC chip which company officials say will drive latency down to as low as 190 nanoseconds. According to Cisco, the technology gives it a performance advantage of up to 60 percent over competing switches, which typically have a latency of more than 360ns.

In addition, the ultra-low-latency switch also facilitates the efficient delivery of stock market data to financial trading servers in as little as 50ns with the warp switch port analyzer, or SPAN, feature.

Based on the Algo Boost ASIC technology, Active Buffer Monitoring proactively monitors the network and warns users of potential performance bottlenecks while Intelligent Traffic Mirroring allows traffic patterns to be viewed using analytics tools for a much deeper view of the network. The Nexus 3548 is expected to start making its way into data centers by the end of the year.

While the financial services vertical is unusually an early adopter of new technologies in order to increase the performance of its computing platform and gain a competitive advantage, they are of interest as the technologies inevitably find their way into the enterprise.

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