ARM, Microsoft working on 64-bit version of Windows


ARM is working with Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) to tune the Windows RT operating system to work on ARM's 64-bit architecture, reports PC World.

This comes in the wake of ARM unveiling its first two 64-bit processor designs earlier this week. In an email message to PC World, Nandan Nayampally, head of ARM's processor marketing division wrote,"ARM works with all its OS and ecosystem partners to inform them on next generation technologies and enable their support."

The Windows Surface tablets that went on sale last week are based on Windows RT, which is a version of Windows 8 optimized to run on ARM processors. Microsoft's Steven Sinofsky has earlier this year made in clear that Windows RT is not a direct port of Windows 8 on x86/64, but operates similar to a smartphone to take advantage of the ARM architecture.

Windows Surface and other Windows RT based tablets from Asus, Dell (NASDAQ: DELL) and Samsung released last week are based on 32-bit ARM processors, which have a limited memory ceiling. While they should be adequate for the moment, a 64-bit version will allow for a greatly expanded memory capacity for future tablets and devices based on the ARM architecture.

On the down side, 64-bit support will have to be written into existing software applications and drivers in order to work on a 64-bit ARM chip.

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