App updates pose significant drain to Wi-Fi bandwidth


A significant amount of bandwidth is being wasted by thousands of smartphones at a typical Super Bowl, says National Football League senior vice president and CIO Michelle McKenna-Doyle. According to a Computerworld report, this recent realization led to the signing of a deal with Extreme Networks as the team try to figure out a workable counter.

"What we learned is when you provide Wi-Fi and have smartphones most apps start to look for updates," says McKenna-Doyle. "People's phones are using valuable bandwidth to update apps that they probably are no longer even using on their phones."

At stake in this case is the experience of tens of thousands of fans with their mobile devices, many who may be using apps provided by the NFL to push out various bits of pertinent information such as the bathroom wait times and traffic flows around the stadium.

While this issue is decidedly non-enterprise centric, it does underscore the need for enterprises to implement proper bandwidth management as they embrace BYOD and allow smartphones and tablets devices onto the corporate network.

The Fierce Take: Coincidentally, I faced this exact issue as I attended a conference in New Orleans this week. I experienced unbearably slow Internet access on the first couple of days, which I blamed on the hotel having insufficient bandwidth. However, when I check the log of my portable Wi-Fi router later, I realized that app and OS updates for my various devices effectively sucked up over a not-insignificant 1.6Gb of bandwidth over a period of just 24 hours. If anything, this is another reason why you should never tether with your mobile phone when out of town.

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