Apache releases Cassandra 1.2 NoSQL database


The Apache Software Foundation has released Cassandra 1.2, a NoSQL database that is known to be scalable, fault-tolerant and fast, and is designed to handle large amounts of data.

Major enhancements in this new release include the addition of virtual nodes, request tracing, better management around disk failures, as well as various performance improvements that extend to memory usage and column indexes.

Another important capability of Cassandra 1.2 is its atomic batches, which make sure that groups of updates are treated as inseparable tasks. This ensures that any failure will not result in Cassandra being left in an inconsistent state, though it does result in a performance hit. In addition, v1.2 also incorporates version 3 of the CQL 3, or Cassandra Query Language, to simplify application modeling and offer more powerful mapping.

Brian O'Neill, lead software architect at Health Market Science, praised Cassandra 1.2 for simplifying application development. "Atomic batches provide a mechanism for developers to ensure transactional integrity across a business process, instead of relying on idempotent operations and retry mechanisms," he wrote. "Additionally, native support for collections is attractive and a compelling reason to explore CQL 3.

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