AMD Turbo Dock offers 40 percent speedup when docked


AMD has unveiled a Turbo Dock technology for hybrid tablets that will overclock the processor when connected to a docking station. A hybrid tablet is a tablet that has been designed to work with a proprietary keyboard attachment "dock." The keyboard attachment usually adds more peripheral ports and also comes packed with internal batteries for a longer overall run-time for the docked tablet.

In this instance, AMD's Turbo Dock technology is a dynamic throttling system that will overclock both CPU and GPU chips by up to 40 percent when connected to the keyboard. This increases power consumption, though the system constantly adjusts the tablet's performance depending on what apps are being run.

"With our latest APUs, AMD aims to deliver a more complete, full-featured experience on tablet and hybrid PCs than has been available to date," said Steve Belt, vice president of AMD Ultra-low Power Products in a prepared statement.

AMD's new Turbo Dock technology will work with the firm's Temash system-on-chip processor, which is its latest low-power processor. Aimed at Windows 8 powered tablets and hybrids, it is built using 28nm processes.

Details and working demo units are expected to appear next week at Mobile World Congress.

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- check out this press release at AMD

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