Amazon Redshift now widely available


Amazon's Redshift data warehousing service is now widely available, months after its limited preview launch in November of last year. Customers can start "small" at a "couple of hundred gigabytes" and scale up to a petabyte "or more" as required, according to a blog entry by Jeff Barr, chief evangelist for the Amazon Web Services.

Cost effectiveness is maintained using an architecture that is based around columnar data storage, advanced compression, and high-performance disk and network I/O. Aside from its general availability, Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) also named third-party companies that are linking up with Redshift to offer analytics and other services on top of its basic capabilities. These include companies such as SAP, Cognizant, IBM (NYSE: IBM), Informatica and Pervasive, among others.

Amazon declined to offer details pertaining to the actual adoption of its Redshift service, though it did make it known that "hundreds" of companies have made the move to Redshift since November. These companies range from startups to larger organizations in various sectors, including the financial services and healthcare fields.

The new service dovetails into other major AWS components such as the S3 storage cloud and DynamoDB, notes The Register, and can access data from Amazon RDS, Elastic MapReduce and other data sources in EC2 using the AWS Data Pipeline. We have previously reported in December on the AWS Data Pipeline and its drag-and-drop graphic interface for the creation of automated or scheduled data workflows within AWS or an external location.

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