Amazon launches cloud data warehouse with Redshift


Amazon on Wednesday launched a cloud-based data warehousing service called Redshift. By circumventing the traditional software and hardware stack offered by enterprise storage vendors, Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) says the service will substantially reduce the cost of deploying data warehouses.

A relational data warehouse designed to handle multi-terabyte and petabyte-scale data volumes, Redshift appears to be based on PostgreSQL, according to ZDNet.

According to Andy Jassy, Amazon Web Services senior vice president, a typical data warehouse installation costs up to $25,000 per terabyte per year, while Redshift will allow an average annual cost of $1,000 per terabyte."It allows you to easily and rapidly analyze petabytes of data. It's about a tenth of the cost of traditional data warehouse solutions," said Jassy.

Redshift allows for rapid deployment and will work with popular business intelligence tools. Redshift will be supported by Jaspersoft and MicroStrategy at the moment, though other tools which are expected to add support include well-established names such as Cognos from IBM (NYSE: IBM) and BusinessObjects from SAP.

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