All LG LCDs getting 5000:1 contrast ratio


Like a runner trying to break his own record time, LG will be pushing themselves to make good LCDs even better this September. The company has announced that come September 1st, all of the LCD displays that it produces will boast a 5000:1 contrast ratio. As any LCD fan can tell you, that ratio is nothing to sneeze at and should help provide blacker blacks, whiter whites and more saturated everything elses. All LG LCD displays will also use what the company is calling "Digital Fine Contrast" technology, which supposedly "dynamically controls brightness."

Alongside the same old LCDs, the company will trot out two new flagship models: the L227WT (above) and the L206WU. The 22" L227WT is said to accurately reproduce "100% of the NTSC color spectrum using its f-Engine" color enhancement processor. Meanwhile, the 20" L206WU will allow you to daisy-chain up to six displays via USB--even if your graphics card doesn't support multiple displays. The message here is subtle but the subtext is clear: other manufacturers had better step their game up.

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