Adobe throws in the towel on Flash for iPhone platform


Adobe (NASDAQ: ADBE) has confirmed that it will halt development of its Flash-to-iPhone tool that was introduced with the launch of its Creative Suite 5 just last week. The situation boiled down to the introduction of new legal language that appeared in the new version of the iPhone OS developer agreement.

In what was seen as a thinly-veiled move against Adobe, the new agreement prohibits developers from using third-party app compilers, such as the tool Adobe shipped with Flash CS5, from being used to create applications for the iPhone platform.

While Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) has consistently deferred from allowing Flash to run on its range of iPhone and iPod Touch devices, it was only recently that the company, through CEO Steve Jobs has become more vocal in calling Adobe's Flash technology "buggy" and a "CPU hog."  In some ways, this is not completely unfounded either, based on my personal experience with sometimes poor performance of Flash running on web browsers.

The inability of Adobe to penetrate the iPhone ecosystem is significant for the company because the same iPhone-based operating system is used for the millions of iPod Touch already in existence, as well as the iPad which has already sold 450,000 units within the first week of launch. 

In a blog entry, Mike Chambers, Flash platform product manager sought to downplay the loss, writing that, "Fortunately, the iPhone isn't the only game in town," highlighting that Adobe is currently working with Google in order to bring the Flash Player and Adobe Air to Android-based smartphones.

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