Acer ships new $199 C7 Chromebook


It's been barely a month since Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) unveiled the $249 Chromebook by Samsung, offering a very low price with credible hardware built around an ARM processor. This week, the price for a Chromebook fell further with the introduction of the $199 Acer C7 Chromebook.

The Acer C7 was introduced by Sundar Pichai, a senior vice president for Google Chrome and Apps in a new blog: "The new Acer C7 Chromebook delivers a hassle-free computing experience with speed, built-in security and the simplicity of automatic updates."

The Acer C7 Chromebook comes with an 11.6-inch display and is powered under-the-hood by an Intel 847 processor with 2GB of RAM. The device comes with a full-size keyboard, a fully clickable touchpad, and weighs just over three pounds. It also boots up in 18 seconds and has a battery life of more than 3.5 hours.

Like the Samsung Chromebook, the Acer C7 is capable of resuming instantly and playing 1080p high-definition videos. A 320GB hard disk drive offers local storage, with 100GB of free cloud storage on Google Drive for two years thrown in for free.

The Acer C7 is now available in the Google Play store in the U.S. and U.K., as well as in select Best Buy stores and on in the States, and Amazon UK, PC World and Currys in the U.K. Google says it is working hard to bring it to more countries "soon."

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