PayPal hit by payment notification glitch

PayPal has been hit by a glitch that is resulting in payments being made more than once. The problem has occurred as a result of its instant payment notifications, or IPNs, not being sent out promptly. This has caused users to make payments a second time or even multiple times, only to find out later that the first payment already went through successfully.

According to The Register, the problem started on Monday, with slow processing and IPNs arriving slower than expected. The problem apparently lasted 15 hours before PayPal indicated that the problem had been resolved. In its update, the payment gateway promised that older IPNs would be delivered within a period of 24 hours. Users calling in to get information were apparently faced with a wait time spanning hours.

Responding to a request for comment, a PayPal spokesperson claimed that the technical glitch occurred over three hours, instead of the 15 hours that has been reported. Regardless, the company has said that "All customers will be refunded for duplicate transactions as soon as possible" and that it is working "with every customer affected."

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