Who's getting the new iPad?

Apple finally unveiled the highly-anticipated update to its iPad tablet earlier this week, swapping in substantially beefed-up graphical processing, a better camera, 4G mobile data and a high-resolution Retina display that is found in no other tablet at the moment. Moreover, this 'new iPad' will sport the same dimensions as the iPad 2, but weigh a tad more and be almost imperceptibly thicker.

The opinion on whether the new iPad will take off appears to be mixed, with reports leaning both way.

Jonny Evans, writing on Computerworld, is of the opinion that "The new iPad seems set to secure Apple's hold on the tablet edge of the PC market for yet another year." Evans argues that the iPad dominates based on a combination of price, distribution and ecosystem, and is an 800-pound gorilla that owns the tablet market.

John D. Sutter at CNN is more cautions. He puts it this way: "The truth is that the new Apple iPad probably falls somewhere in the middle. It's neither dud nor game-changer." Sutter readily admits that Apple's (NASDAQ: AAPL) Phil Schiller was not making an overstatement when he said "the images on it look stunning" at the news conference. Sutter himself commented: "Images do seem to have jumped out of the real world."

Finally, Don Reisinger of eWeek has the opposing view that many consumers and potential business buyers are likely to pass it over. He goes on to list 10 reasons some consumers will balk at buying it, ranging from how LTE pricing is expensive, the new iPad's relatively modest storage and the expected arrival of Microsoft's (NASDAQ: MSFT) upcoming Windows 8 tablets later this year.

So what is my view of the new iPad? Well, assuming the availability of disposable income, my own pet theory is this: Owners of the original iPad who are happy with it will buy into the new iPad en masse, as will first-time iPad users. Folks who already own an iPad 2, however, will probably be far more cautious, and are unlikely to upgrade unless they have a real need for the higher resolution screen.

So, will you be getting the new iPad? I look forward to reading your comments and tweets on this. - Paul Mah (Twitter @paulmah)