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Two things we can learn from Instagram's massive, zero-downtime migration to Facebook

Over the course of a year, Instagram shifted its entire service, not once, but twice--without stopping the popular social media service. 

Microsoft pulls plug on both malware operators, innocent users

Millions of legitimate servers that rely on dynamic domain name services from were caught in the crossfire and suffered outages starting Monday this week. This happened after Microsoft enforced a federal court order and seized 22 domain names operated by No-IP that it said were being abused to facilitate malware-related crimes.

Report: Windows 9 will see Microsoft paying more attention to desktop

According to various reports, the next version of Windows, codenamed Threshold, will reportedly arrive in March 2015. Notably, Threshold will incorporate a variety of features targeted at Windows "desktop" users who predominantly do work with their machines using a keyboard and mouse.

Apple moves to strengthen iCloud Web apps with two-factor authentication

Apple is tweaking its two-factor authentication system to make it more robust for users accessing the company's iCloud Web apps from a Web browser. According to a report on AppleInsider, this entails the use of a verification code sent via text message to a trusted iOS device for accounts with 2FA enabled.

Microsoft apologizes for Office 365 outage, explains what happened

Microsoft has apologized for an outage experienced by its Exchange Online service that took place early last week, which it says was due to a "unique" set of circumstances that initially only affected a "small set of customers".

Spotlight: Acronis releases True Image for Mac

Acronis last week launched Acronis True Image (ATI) for Mac, its new data backup software for the OS X operating system. The app sports a user interface tailored for Mac computers, is fast and can...

Malicious data wipe of 1,000 mobile devices highlights importance of using good passwords

As many as 1,000 mobile devices were maliciously wiped at insurance giant Aviva UK last month, according to a report on The Register. This happened after an unknown perpetrator apparently gained access to a MobileIron admin server that controlled the affected mobile devices.

Loophole in PayPal two factor authentication implementation allows it to be circumvented

PayPal's second factor authentication, or 2FA, protection can be circumvented, says a senior security researcher at Duo Labs.

Google targets the enterprise with next-gen Android L platform

Google this week took the wraps off Android L, its next-gen revamp of the Android platform. In addition to 64-bit support, the major software upgrade also introduces a cross-platform design language that brings a new, unified user interface to Android and Chrome OS.

Security breaches cause greater scrutiny of third-party service providers

Greater scrutiny is being put on third-party service providers after a series of security breaches saw hackers successfully exploit vendors and service providers to compromise their primary targets.

Google unveils Drive for Work with unlimited storage to counter OneDrive

At Google I/O on Wednesday, the company took the wraps off Google Drive for Work, a paid service targeted at business users and priced at $10 per user per month. The service offers unlimited storage, the ability to upload files of up to 5TB in size, and access to productivity apps such as Docs, Sheets, Slides, Hangouts and Sites.

Spotlight: PhoneRescue recovers lost files from your iOS device

You know how painful it can be if you've ever lost data from your smartphone. Enter PhoneRescue for the iOS, which is billed as a comprehensive utility to recover data from the iPhone, iPad and the iPod touch.

Older Super Micro motherboards found to store passwords in plain text

Tens of thousands of servers could potentially be compromised, wrote Zachary Wikholm, a senior security engineer for 

Cool 'Handoff' feature in OS X Yosemite will only work in newer Macs

An Apple engineer has confirmed that the "Handoff" feature that was recently demonstrated at the WWDC 2014 keynote will only work on newer Mac computers.

Microsoft increases free storage on OneDrive to 15GB, Office 365 users will get 1TB

Microsoft this week unveiled a significant increase in the free storage capacity that it is offering to users of OneDrive cloud storage, according to Omar Shahine, the group program manager for

Google forks OpenSSL to create BoringSSL

Over the weekend, Google announced that it has taken the OpenSSL code library and forked it into its own independently developed version called "BoringSSL."

Intel to possibly incorporate RFID-based 'kill switch' for laptops

Intel is reportedly working on a new chip level technology that could be used to wirelessly provision, track and monitor expensive laptops and other electronic equipment--even when the devices are switched off.

Spotlight: Premium CalypsoCase Cabrio offers beauty, protection for iPhone

The CalypsoCase Cabrio for the iPhone 5 and 5S is a premium leather case made of a rigid metal shell to protect your Apple smartphone.

How a hacker destroyed a promising cloud service with a few clicks of the mouse

A code-hosting and software collaboration platform was put out of business by an attacker who deleted a significant portion of the company's online data and backups.

Parallels launches Plesk 12 in four distinct editions

Cloud service platform provider Parallels has launched Parallels Plesk 12, a major revision of its popular software package for commercial web hosting companies.