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Google looks to PC with Project Ara smartphone

It has emerged that Google is drawing inspiration from PC systems to build the next-generation of smartphones. The company outlined its ambitious plans at the Project Ara modular phone developers' conference held last week.

Plan ahead to prevent Wi-Fi meltdowns

A story of Wi-Fi congestion late last week caught my attention. As reported on Computerworld, the courtroom where the ongoing Apple versus Samsung battle is being played out has apparently suffered some technical setbacks--not in the court case, but in a physical system deployed within the room.

How a blogger put $30K on the line to get her domain back

Jordan Reid, the founder and resident blogger of lifestyle site Ramshackle Glam, was forced to fork out $30,000 for her own domain that was stolen from HostMonster using the company's email confirmation system.

How do you use your tablet?

The news about the Samsung Galaxy Tab4 range of Android tablets prompted me to think deeper about how tablets are used, including the differing philosophies adopted by the various device makers. As a fun exercise, I list some of them below.

The real losers in NSA's hacking of Huawei

The National Security Agency reportedly hacked into the networks of Huawei Technologies, stealing product source code and monitoring the communications of company executives. This startling revelation was jointly unveiled over the weekend by The New York Times and the German newspaper Der Spiegel, drawn once again from the huge trove of data leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

How Target's sophisticated security failed to stop credit card hackers

As investigation continues into the matter, it is worth keeping an eye out to see if Jacob was ultimately found to be negligent, or simply an unfortunately scapegoat in the human failings of her own SOC department.

Is Microsoft really risking its reputation by retiring Windows XP?

Do you think that Microsoft made the right move in choosing to discontinue support for Windows XP? Also, is your organization affected by the impending deadline, and what do you plan to do about it?

Indoor location-based tracking tech could be next big thing

I went to a Ruckus Wireless product demonstration somewhat skeptical, and left convinced that indoor location-based tracking could be the next big thing. Indeed, there are more real-life uses to it than you would have imagined.

Breaking down the barriers to cloud interoperability

Because of its focus on service providers and resellers, Parallels Summit provides an excellent bird's-eyes view of the direction that the cloud is heading towards. This can be invaluable for enterprises looking to formulate a cohesive cloud strategy, whether in the form of a hybrid deployment or a decision to set up their own private cloud.

Rethinking Android as open source

Before asking Microsoft and BlackBerry to ditch their mobile platforms and make only Android phones, we need to ask ourselves if we are ready to cede the future of smartphones to just two proprietary platforms made by two companies: Apple and Google?