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Latest Headlines

News Scan: Cybercrime racks up a $100 billion bill; Social networking demographics broken-down; More

The top news stories for Sept. 12, 2014.

LinkedIn outage caused by human error

While the downtime was caused by a configuration mistake, the issue does expose the vulnerability of large organizations to DNS hijacking.

The downside of social collaboration in the workplace

Social networking in the enterprise holds out the promise of increased communication and collaboration, but it doesn't guarantee greater efficiency when it comes to IT projects.

Spotlight: RockMelt social browser

Touted as a social browser, the RockMelt browser was created to offer a fundamentally better web-browsing experience by integrating deeply with the top online social networks. This capability is

Mercedes-Benz uses social media to drive market research

The 20- to 45-year-old compact-car driver is a primary target for Mercedes-Benz, and the German automaker wanted a better way to tap into this individual's needs and desires. Since members of this

What other CIOs discuss among themselves the most

CIOs and CTOs last year spent much of their online conversations talking about managed services, cloud computing, social networking, SaaS and workplace issues, according to a compilation of buzzwords

L.L. Bean deploys social media patrol

L.L. Bean has long been known for friendly, old-fashioned customer service, and its call center agents are well-versed in tapping into shoppers' needs, both material and emotional. This holiday

Google+ Pages: Love it or hate it?

Is your company thinking of taking advantage of Google+ now that the platform offers "Pages" for businesses to tout their brands? As proponents are quick to point out, Google+ has 40 million users

How hackers can use Facebook to collect information on you

Researchers from the University of British Columbia Vancouver recently conducted an experiment in which they created 102 bots to befriend Facebook users with an objective of making off with

UBC 'socialbots' infiltrate Facebook, make off with 250GB of personal data

In an experiment (.pdf) to demonstrate the vulnerability of online social networks to exploitation, researchers from the University of British Columbia Vancouver programmed a bunch of scripts to pass