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Latest Headlines

'Rogue IT' less threatening than thought, and decline may be a good thing

The term "rogue IT" doesn't seem to grab tech headlines quite the same as it used to. And for good reason: the practice is either on the decline or seen as less threatening, a new study reveals.

Cloud sprawl worries IT execs

IT executives are growing increasingly concerned about rogue cloud services, particularly cloud storage, cloud synchronization and cloud collaboration applications.

Shine some light on shadow IT

There may be no stopping the business units from signing up for their own on-demand software or services, but there are ways to keep the wayward behavior from spiraling out of control. CIOs can impose some order by moving into the role of honest broker, reports Toby Wolpe at TechRepublic.

IT will continue to generate need for IT pros

There's no shortage of pundits predicting an imminent demise for IT, what with the growing popularity of cloud-computing. But pay no attention to them, advises Bob Lewis at InfoWorld, because technology is far more complicated than they imagine it to be.

Rogue clouds infiltrate enterprise

The majority of companies using the cloud have business managers who are signing up for services without consulting IT.  These "rogue clouds" were deployed at 83 percent of the large enterprises recently surveyed by Symantec, and they're among IT's biggest challenges, reports Ellen Messmer at NetworkWorld.

NoSQL is lurking in the shadows

Integration remains a key reason for IT's being, and the greatest integration challenges these days might be found in NoSQL, writes Bob Lewis at InfoWorld. If IT departments don't get ahead of the business units when it comes to NoSQL, they may find themselves forced to integrate it while simultaneously being blamed for deployment delays.

A case for shadow IT

Shadow IT can cause headaches for the IT department, but at the same time it can increase productivity for the business as a whole.

How to combat the damage of rogue IT

CIOs face the same challenges as any other department heads, such as recruiting talent, cultivating teamwork and driving innovation. However, unlike other department heads, IT chiefs also have to

Ready for self-service IT?

Users are asking for more ways to handle their IT services and data on their own, and you're giving them tools to do so. But can they really handle this empowerment? The answer, according to analysts

How vendor management can remain relevant

The sourcing and vendor management (SVM) field is said to be in the midst of transformation because of the consumerization of IT, users' demand for new technologies and strategic partnerships. To