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Latest Headlines

Shifting trends in analyzing big data

The big data phenomenon is spurring a shift in information analysis, leading companies to model complete data sets rather than subsets. Analyzing an entire data set may tend to bring forth outlier

Three views on the future CIO

The transformation of the role of CIO is an ongoing story, and the 2010 chapter has seen its share of action. As the year begins to draw to a close, experts and observers are reviewing the changes

The high cost of complexity

The complexity of an IT system is directly correlated to its chance of failure, maintains Roger Sessions, CTO of ObjectWatch. A system that costs less than $750,000 may well succeed, but a system

Using portfolios to enhance IT investments

New technologies can help companies transform their businesses, but without commensurate changes in business processes and structures, the technologies can amount to a loss, writes Faisal Hoque, CEO

BT launches UC planning services in North America

BT has launched a new family of unified communication and collaboration (UCC) consulting services in North America. Organizations will be able to call upon BT's UCC Strategic Planning and Assessment

Gartner: Business wants more from CIOs

You are pulled from the left and from the right. And now you are pulled by your company's business line. A new study by Gartner finds that CIOs realize the importance of using IT in changing business

Forrester: 20 ways to make IT work

Sometimes the CIO has to convince the boss that he's on the right path. To help him do that, Forester Research put together a list of best practices that can offer some help in making IT work well.

Security spending on the rise

Meanwhile, when it comes to spending, a new study from the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) notes that security accounted for 20 percent of technology spending last year and that

Today's CIOs, tomorrow's CPOs

First there were chief security officers, then chief innovation officers, and now, Michael Hammer is adding a new title to the mix: chief process officer. In the early 1990s, Hammer and James Champy

SOA: flexibility at the expense of control?

SOA may be offering CIOs new levels of flexibility, but many are also expressing worries about a loss of control over applications that are managed and perhaps even deployed outside of the IT